About US
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About US

About Us

What are the 5P’s?  Proper. Preparation. Prevents. Poor. Performance. 5P Sports is elevating the game for Boys and Girls basketball by empowering our youth through competitive, high quality, local, regional, and national basketball tournaments. 5P Sports will promote positive character traits, leadership while instilling the growth mindset.

With over 20 years of hosting competitive Youth Tournaments, the 5P Sports Management team has been recognized by National Youth organizations such as USSSA and AAU as the “Most Outstanding” State Directors.

Our tournaments are affordable, run efficiently, we emphasis fair play and sportsmanship. We pride ourselves in staying in touch with cutting edge technology and pioneering innovations in the game. We provide a branded app and have streamlined the tournament process utilizing the exposure basketball platform. We offer online entries, scheduling, communicating, live scoring and instant results.

Basketball is more than a game; it teaches life lessons and everlasting values. We want athletes from all backgrounds and levels of play to have the opportunity to learn from the game and grow both on and off the court.  5P wants to uplift and transform athletes to positive productive citizens while understanding the 5P concept:

“No matter what path you choose in life you will need to remember that Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”